Wasserstraßen- und Schifffahrtsverwaltung des Bundes

Wasserstraßen- und Schifffahrtsamt Emden

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Inhalt: Organisation

Planning and execution of major investments for the fairway in the Ems estuary by means of a groin system on the island of Borkum Minimization of dredging quantities inthe river Ems (including Emder Fairway) by means of groin and training wall systems Surveillance and Control of Waterways; Nautical and Shipping Affairs; Safety and easy flow of shipping traffic, Maritime Laws, provisions and regulations, Shipping Police,Marine Casualties, Pilotage Affairs, Oil and other harmful Substances Pollution Abatement, Notices to Mariners;Aids to Navigation;maintenance of lighthouses, contracts with third parties, land surveys.

External Section

Field Department
(& Buoy) Yard (Bauhof)
Vessel Traffic
Service Centre
Special Workshop
Technical Branch
(FG Nachrichtentechnik)
Maintenance, repairs and supervision of buildings and installations - e.g. lighthouses, radar stations, breakwaters, roads, places-owned by the administration; Base stations at Leer and on the Island of Borkum Maintenance of Vehicles and Appliances, Repairs and provision of floating Aids to Navigation; steel-construction; Workshop for: electrotechnology, sea-lanterns, sea-gauges, smithery, lock smith-ery; joinery. Execution of all Operational Functions of a VTS Center: according to IMO Guidelines; Radar Surveillance, Safety of and Assistance to Navigation; data collection and evaluation,Traffic Information Service; Shipping Police, Traffic Supervision with regard to official orders and permits; Pilotage Affairs Technical maintenance repairs and operation of: Electronical devices, Aids to Navigation, Shore based Radar Installations, radio location and wireless communication devices; Data and information systems

Vessels Operational Centre (Schiffseinsatzzentrale)

Planning and coordination of actions of administration owned ships including crewing


WSA - vessels


Technical installations:

1 VS "Paapsand" improvement of safety and efficiency of maritime traffic and the protection of the environment, Radar surveillance, information and navigation assistance services, traffic organization service, shore based pilotage, shipping police maesures support of allied services, local co-ordination centre in case of marine casualties and other events.. Technical installations: RF, Radar, Communication, VTS / Workshop Coordination centre for WSA-vessels (SEZ
2 VS "Norderney"
3 TL "Norden"
4 TL "Gustav Meyer"
5 MS "Friesland"
6 MS "Weekeborg"
7 MS "Lütje Hörn"
8 MS "Lütjeoog"
9 MB "Leer"
10 MB "Leda"
11 SG "Leerort"